Benefits of a Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

There are so many benefits of having water mist fire protection in properties. A mist fire suppression system is still a fairly new system in the market, and are gradually becoming more recognised by homeowners and property developers, increasing in popularity due to the ease of the system and the multiple benefits, especially when compared to fire suppression alternatives. 

Damage Control

Post-fire damage is reduced due to water mist fire suppression systems discharging less water and mist being able to evapourate quickly.

No Tanks Required

Unlike sprinkler systems, NPHS fire suppression doesn’t require you to have any tanks in your home, so you don’t have to lose expensive square meterage.

Removes Heat & Oxygen

As the mist attacks the fire, a percentage turns to steam particles that displace the heat and oxygen in the room, meaning all 3 parts of the fire triangle are attacked.

Quicker Installation

NPHS uses only a percentage of water and uses custom flexible hoses compared with traditional large pipework used with sprinkler companies.

Less Water Useage

Mist system sprinkler requires less water than traditional sprinkler systems on an average of 80%, which is even less than a fire brigade would use.

Low Cost

Due to installations being quicker, and less third-party requirements, NPHS provide cost certainty fire suppression systems with no hidden costs.

Environmentally Friendly

At NPHS, we believe that not only should your property be protected, but doing our part to protect the environment too. We’ve designed the system to use as little water as possible in the event of a fire, and even less when the system is not in use.

Water Usage

Traditional fire sprinklers are run from a water tank, which will have a vast amount of water sitting in the tank for sometimes years on end, not being used. As the NPHS system uses the mains water, we only call upon the water when needed, without it sitting around in a separate tank.

Firewater Run-off

When a fire happens, this can result in a lot of different toxins and chemicals, from the fuel of the fire and the gases. The water used by fire fighters and traditional sprinkler systems will gather these toxins and chemicals, which result in firewater run-off into the environment.

Smoke Scrubbing

Most fire related deaths are caused by the gases, such as hydrogen cyanide. The NPHS system uses such small water droplets, that they work to minimise the smoke from a fire, and as a result, lowering the amount of toxic gases in the air, providing a safer escape route, and environment for firefighters on arrival.