Discreet Mist Nozzle

Ultimately, once installation of a water mist system is complete, it is the water mist nozzles that are the remaining visible feature. It is therefore important to NPHS that we continued to deliver a premium product to our clientele. We are very happy with the iCO nozzle and the guarantees we can provide to home owners, developers and architects.

iCO’s easy fit misting nozzles are extremely low profile sitting just 3mm below the ceiling, with each nozzle offering 16 m² of protection. This means that iCO’s nozzle design is the sleekest, most aesthetically pleasing on the market currently being installed into thousands of homes across the UK. 

Mist sprinkler nozzle
Mist Sprinkler Nozzle Top View
Mist Sprinkler Nozzle
Specification & Features

The Water Mist Nozzle

One nozzle protects a 4m x 4m area, it must be a maximum of 2m from a wall and there must be a maximum of 4m between nozzles.

  • K Factor: 1.92
  • Temperature rating: 57°C
  • Manufacturer: HiPro Industries.
  • Part Number: PU002-00
  • Max Pressure: 1020 psi (70 bar)
  • Response Type: Fast (Residential)
  • Occupancy Type: Domestic
  • Connection Size: 3/8” BSP
  • Min Spacing: 2m (6.5ft)
  • Max Spacing: 4m x 4m (13.2 x 13.2ft)
  • Colour: Standard colour white, other colours available on request.

As more and more of the world’s population begin to live in open plan accommodation, kitchens in the modern-day home are under strict scrutiny from safety officers, ensuring homes are protected.

NPHS Ltd are the UK’s leading mist suppression system specialists, boasting an array of domestic and commercial clients across the UK.


We Provide Quality
Mist Sprinkler Solutions

NPHS is one of the UKs leading water mist installers. Our company designs, fits and maintains bespoke water mist fire suppression systems; operating in the domestic and residential sectors.


  • Reason 1


    First fully qualified design team utilising the latest CAD and hydraulic calculation software for all of our projects, to ensure BS:8458 and BS: 9251 standards and above are adhered to.

  • Reason 2


    First approved installer of Mist systems by many local councils.

  • Reason 3


    Fully qualified installation engineers ensuring all British Standard regulations and Building Control Regulations are met.


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