Fire Suppression Systems
for Domestic Use

NPHS have been at the forefront of mist fire suppression systems in the UK and have been at the forefront for providing domestic sprinklers. iCO Domestic Mist Sprinkler Systems are the ideal solutions for domestic properties including: 

  • Single family dwellings
  • Individual dwelling house
  • Individual flat
  • Individual maisonette
  • Transportable home

The sleek design of the water mist fire sprinkler nozzle makes iCO the sleekest and most discreet sprinkler system on the market. With a compact and portable water mist pump you can fit it into most kitchen cupboards or small spaces so it will stay out of sight and out of mind. 

Fire Suppression Systems for Domestic Use
Discreet Design

Discreet Design

The design of the domestic sprinkler system means it won’t disrupt the aesthetics of your property as the low-profile water mist nozzles are the most discreet on the market and blend seamlessly into the ceiling. 

Traditional Sprinklers require bulky water tanks that can take up a large space, often an unsightly image. With iCO’s water mist pump, it can be directly connected to the mains water and uses flexible hosing making it easy to navigate difficult areas.  

Did you Know?

iCO water sprinkles, on average, use 80% less water than any traditional sprinkler system meaning it is highly capable of minimising fire damage whilst also reducing the water damage to your home.  

In the event of a fire, the fire sprinklers will work to target the fire using localised fire suppression. The specific water mist nozzle that is in the closest proximity to the fire will be activated and tackle the fire. If the fire spreads, then another water mist nozzle in the increased proximity of the fire will be activated as opposed to all sprinklers being activated.  



The iCO products is ISO9001 accredited for all aspects of the design, manufacture, and supply of water sprinkler systems.  

The iCO® patented technology has been independently tested by Warrington Fire, a UKAS accredited laboratory and meets the performance requirements of BS:8458 Residential Water Mist Standards. 

iCO mist fire suppression systems complies to the following British Standards: 

  • BS 8458:2015
  • BS 9252:2001
  • BS 9991:2015

Find out more about the testing and standards for iCO fire sprinkler systems.  

Looking for a residential sprinkler system?

Water Mist systems are perfect for both domestic and residential use. Residential properties include: 

  • Care Homes 
  • Tower blocks 
  • Houses of multiple occupancy 
  • Hotels/ Hostels 

If you require a residential sprinkler service for larger residential projects, you can visit our residential water mist systems case studies and find out more information about the projects we’ve been fortunate to work on.  


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