The Water Mist Pump

When seeking a designer and manufacturer of a custom domestic fire sprinkler pumps that delivered to our requirements, the decision to engage with iCO was easy.  Their sleek compact pump unit can be connected directly to mains water and includes an on board monthly self test and manual test facility. The control board monitors the pumps and is equipped with fire and fault N/O and N/C relays for use with third party equipment (e.g. alarms and fire panels).

Specifications & Features

The Water Mist Pump

  • Fire Resistance – The pump enclosure is now completely constructed from steel providing fire resistance and additional resistance against mechanical damage.
  • Serviceability – The new pump has a removable cover so that the internal components can be serviced and maintained in the field by the installing company. Pumps can now be repaired in the field rather than being sent back to the manufacturer which will save on costly revisits.
  • Integrated Inlet/Outlet Manifolds – All of the inlet manifold (Strainer, low pressure switch, actuated ball valve) and outlet manifold (isolation valve, pressure gauge, drain valve) are now integrated within the enclosure. No more untidy valves and hoses.
  • No permanent drain required – Operation of the fire sprinkler booster pump no longer requires a permanent drain to be provided.
  • Wall or floor mounting – If fitted on the floor or in a cupboard the enclosure has a flat back which fits neatly against a wall. Fixing holes are provide in the back of the chassis for optional wall mounting.

We Provide Quality
Mist Sprinkler Solutions

NPHS is one of the UKs leading water mist installers. Our company designs, fits and maintains bespoke water mist fire suppression systems; operating in the domestic and residential sectors.


  • Reason 1


    First fully qualified design team utilising the latest CAD and hydraulic calculation software for all of our projects, to ensure BS:8458 and BS: 9251 standards and above are adhered to.

  • Reason 2


    First approved installer of Mist systems by many local councils.

  • Reason 3


    Fully qualified installation engineers ensuring all British Standard regulations and Building Control Regulations are met. ​


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