2 December 2021

LABC Assured accreditation for Mist Systems Closed!

Following on from our last post concerning 3rd party accreditation this bomb shell from the LABC just hit our desk.

“Following the Government’s announcement on 19th January 2021 that a new regulator was to be established in respect of construction materials within the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), together with the details emerging from phase 2, module 2 of the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry, the LABC Board of Directors instigated a comprehensive review of the LABC Assured scheme. The review was conducted in accordance with the general criteria within ISO 10965:2012. The review has now been completed and has reported back to the LABC Board, who have resolved that the LABC Assured scheme should now be closed.

Accordingly, no new applications will now be considered for registration and commencing from the 1st December 2021 all expired registrations will be removed from the LABC register/website. All current registrations will remain on the LABC register/website until their date of expiry whereupon they will be removed”.

NPHS has worked extremely hard to promote and educate our clients on the importance of 3rd party accreditation and are pleased to see that the LABC have taken this action.

As we said in the last post if an installer cannot produce a 3rd party accreditation from either the IFC or Firas, walk away…..

View our accreditations here.