Residential Sprinkler Protection for new homes
4 January 2022

Should new homes have residential sprinkler protection?

Have you ever stopped to think why your home doesn’t have a fire sprinkler? Fire Sprinkler Systems significantly reduce the risk caused by fire and save lives so why aren’t fire suppression systems seen in more homes?

Domestic sprinklers are one of the most effective sprinkler protection systems available in preventing fires, yet many properties don’t have fire sprinklers installed. After the tragedy of Grenfell, residential sprinkler protection became a vital and important part of future housing and development projects as the results endured could have been minimised with the use of fire protection sprinklers.

Is it a legal requirement for domestic sprinkler systems?

In 2011, Wales became the first country in the UK to introduce legislation stating all newly built homes must have residential sprinkler systems installed. Scotland also updated sprinkler regulations in 2021 meaning all new flats, maisonettes, social housing, and shared multi-occupancy residential buildings are required to be fitted with domestic fire sprinkler systems. The UK currently requires all residential buildings over 11 metres to be fitted with sprinkler protection systems however, there is a push for all new housing developments to be fitted with fire protection.


Why should new homes be fitted with residential fire sprinklers?

The London Fire Brigade urges that sprinkler systems should be mandatory for all new residential developments in England regardless of height.

But Why?

The London Fire Brigade believes British Standards should be more in line with Legislation in Scotland and Wales for both residential and domestic fire protection. Fire Sprinklers saves lives and reduce the risk of fire damage.

As an accredited iCO water mist fire suppression specialist we believe water mist systems should be a requirement for new homes. The systems require no tanks, quicker installation, removes heat and oxygen, and less water usage. They are also cost-efficient and could save lives if there was ever the risk of fire.

We have been fortunate to design and install residential sprinkler protection to many new housing developments for North Ayrshire Council. Read more of our case studies here.



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