NPHS and IPS Flow Systems Training Session

IPS NPHS Training
13 March 2024

NPHS Fire Sprinklers Ltd Advances Fire Safety Knowledge Training Session by IPS Flow Systems

At NPHS Fire Sprinklers Ltd, our commitment to staying at the forefront of fire safety technology remains unwavering. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a comprehensive training session at our headquarters delivered by IPS Flow Systems. The focus was on Blaze Master and the installation of their newly introduced low-pressure Fire Mist sprinklers. Paul Wright, Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland at IPS Flow Systems, lead the training session.

Blaze Master Training Highlights:

The training session delved into the intricacies of Blaze Master, known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and suitability for a wide range of applications. Paul Wright’s expertise in the field was evident as he provided valuable insights into the features, benefits, and best practices for the use of the Blaze Master products.

Key Takeaways from Paul Wright’s Training:

  1. Product Knowledge: Paul Wright’s in-depth knowledge of the Blaze Master product was evident as he guided our team through the various components, their functions, and how to leverage the system’s unique properties for optimal fire protection.
  2. Installation Best Practices: Practical installation tips and techniques were shared, ensuring our team is well-equipped to handle the implementation of Blaze Master efficiently and effectively.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Paul highlighted the corrosion-resistant properties of Blaze Master, emphasizing its longevity and minimal maintenance requirements, factors crucial for a reliable fire protection solution.

Low-Pressure Fire Mist Sprinklers Introduction:

In addition to Blaze Master training, the session also covered the installation and application of our newly expanded product line – the Low-Pressure Fire Mist sprinklers. These advanced nozzles were introduced to enhance fire suppression efficiency, reduce water consumption, and provide a more adaptable solution for various architectural settings.

Ouguzan Ulkers’s Insight:

Our Operations Director, Oguzhan Ulker, expressed his satisfaction with the training session and the collaboration with IPS Flow Systems. He stated, “This training has further empowered our team to provide top-notch fire protection solutions to our clients. The combination of Blaze Master expertise and the introduction of Low-Pressure Fire Mist sprinklers positions NPHS Fire Sprinklers Ltd at the forefront of innovation in the industry.”

Positive Feedback:

Paul Wright’s training session received positive feedback from our team members, who appreciated the interactive and informative approach. Comments included praise for the clear explanations, practical demonstrations, and the seamless integration of theoretical knowledge with real-world applications.


The training session delivered by IPS Flow Systems not only enriched our team’s understanding of Blaze Master but also empowered us to effectively implement our newly expanded Low-Pressure Fire Mist sprinklers. We look forward to applying this knowledge to provide advanced and reliable fire protection solutions for our clients.

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Thank you for choosing NPHS Fire Sprinklers Ltd, where innovation meets safety.

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